Company Overview

Verixx® is a Brazilian company, committed to offer solutions, where innovation and cutting-edge technology bring tangible results that improve people's lives and industries. More than innovation, the Verixx® team mining solutions all over the world, which can make a difference in DYT (Do It Yourself) and Industrial segments. These remarkable solutions are distributed in Brazilian market, reaching the most important country regions. The partnership among Verixx® and some global business leading companies is based on a solid knowledge of Brazilian logistics and trading affairs, combined with an unrivalled product portfolio, where innovation and functionality have defined a new level of quality in some market segments, such as handheld sprayers, gear systems and soil control.

What makes Verixx® an expert?

- The trained and "tuned" team to mine the best solutions, no matter where they are.
- The unequalled knowledge of logistics and distribution affairs in Brazilian market.
- The commitment to offer only the best: quality and innovation is part of the company's DNA.
- 100% committed to its customers. It ́s an obvious statement, but is considered a vital issue for each Verixx® employee.

Corporate Ideology

Improve people's lives, through the constant search for innovative solutions, trading excellence across the Brazilian market; adding value for shareholders, surpassing expectations of customers, in a pleasant environment to work.
We want to be recognized as the best trading company for innovative solutions (products and services) in Brazilian market. A company people are proud to be part of, delivering the best results in value chain.
1. Commitment
2. Ethics
3. Social and environmental responsibility
4. Transparency
5. Respect
6. Diversity