Handheld Sprayrs & Painting Rolls

With Wagner® Spray Painting Pistols and Rolls, painting it is a relaxing activity, almost a therapy. The only stressing moment will be the color choice!

Painting the house (indoor and outdoor surfaces), furniture, walls, fences, decks and what else you want, it́s easier than you think and most of all, it́s really clean and quick! Wagner® is worldwide enterprise with more than 60 years. It́s sprayers and rolls lines are recognized by the Germany technology combined with ergonomics design. Verixx®, positioned as a specialist on trading innovative and functional solutions, brought Wagner® line to Brazil. Discover here, why Wagner® is a tremendous success among Do It Yourself (DYT) customers.

- Wagner® handheld sprayers are 4 times quicker than traditional painting tools, such as brushes and rolls.

- Impeccable results! Surface and corner covering with only 01 coat.

- Easy to use, everyone (even with no previous experience) is capable to paint walls, windows, fences, furniture, wooden craft and much more with Wagner® painting solutions.