TOP SEAL® - Pavement Solution

What these roads have in common? All of them use the same soil sealant and stabilizer liquid additive, TOP SEAL®, which is a 30 year-old certified technology, used in USA and more than 40 countries, including Brazil, where the IPT (Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas).

TOP SEAL®, is liquid polymer and it can be applied in every type and soil condition (asphalt, cement, concrete, sand...) in order to impervious, seal and stabilize the surfaces, increasing significantly its resistance and durability, even on extreme conditions, such as weather and erosion. Leading the road pavement in USA.
Top Seal is a liquid sealant, sealant and stabilizer, developed for waterproofing and retrieve many types of surfaces and highways, asphaltic based, cement, concrete, sand among others. Produced by SCI, American company of Texan origin, leader in the area of paving, stabilization and control of soil, which is present in more than 40 countries. Internationally recognized for its innovative and technological solutions, has among its featured products, Top Seal, developed in partnership with the University of Texas (Austin) and approved by the U.s. Department of transportation/Texas (TXDOT). Top Seal, is distributed and marketed in Brazil by Verixx ®, specializes in innovative solutions, amazing results.

Chemical additive consisting of inert polymers and organic elements.

Liquid, soluble in water, can be easily applied (cold) with conventional equipment for spraying liquids.

Available in ABS barrels with a capacity of 208 liters or IBC of 1040 liters.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly can be applied directly to the soil, without any risk of contamination, even in agricultural regions or watersheds.

Product developed by SCI (Soils Control International) in partnership with the University of Texas.

Product launched 25 years ago and in continuous use since then, by the Texas Department of transportation (TXDOT), on American highways and roads.

The safe, economical and easier application, available on the world market, when there is a need for waterproofing, soil stabilization and control, whatever their base surface.

Product certified by the IPT (Technological Research Institute), by paving Technologies Laboratory (LTP), the Polo/USP, regarded as the national reference on this subject.

Durable, studies indicate that the Top Seal remains unchanged for several years after their implementation, even in high-traffic locations or susceptible to erosion.

Present in more than 40 countries, including Brazil.

Versatile, can be used also in water reservoirs, silos, concrete pilasters or other locations that require an efficient and lasting waterproofing.

Increases the resistance of the soil by as much as 3000%! Laboratory tests confirm these data. Get in touch with the Verixx® team for more details on the Top Seal application benefits.

Indicated for waterproofing, sealing, stabilization and recovery:

Highways with asphalt base.

Mixed asphalt based highways and cement.

Roads of ground, sand or any other porous surface.

Water tanks or silos that require waterproofing treatment.

Concrete structures subject to adverse weather conditions that require treatment against erosion.

Stabilization, drainage and soil dust reduction, in not paved areas.